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South Sudan

Help us to rebuild this beautiful and diverse country, with its unique wildlife, cultures and habitats

Undiscovered by tourists, few foreigners have experienced the incredible cultural and geographical diversity of this country. From fascinating tribal civilisations to vivacious biodiversity, South Sudan is an untrodden territory; finally becoming more accessible to global adventurers looking for the last bastions of unspoilt and untouched landscapes, stunning scenery only disturbed and complimented by a plethora of truly free roaming wildlife.

About South Sudan

After decades of unrest in South Sudan, a declaration of peace offers this magnificent country new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

It is vital that we support South Sudan at this pivotal moment with their wildlife conservation. Harnessing their abundant natural resources and fertile agricultural land, we will contribute to South Sudan’s sustainability as a country where both wildlife and communities will flourish and thrive peacefully.

South Sudan Trust’s commitment and pledge is to help the country set and achieve its goals in revitalising the country’s conservational infrastructure and nurturing their extraordinary fauna, promoting positive sustainable development countrywide.


South Sudan Trust will provide support and resources to strengthen the national parks. By improving security and improving the welfare of South Sudanese communities, we can in turn improve the the wellbeing of the wildlife within the parks.

South Sudan encompasses the unique ecological overlap of East Africa meeting West and Central Africa, forming a biodiverse transition area that harbours an exceptionally broad range of wildlife. The rainforests, savannahs and swamplands of South Sudan are home to potentially the biggest migration of wild animals on Earth, in spite of previous unrest. It is our goal to foster the densely populated parks of South Sudan and to give these remarkable, resilient animals a safer ecosystem to reside and thrive in.

The Northern White Rhino

South Sudan Trust are launching a search for the alleged remaining Northern White Rhinos. We may have the opportunity to save their species from complete extinction, if we act now.


Our Objectives

  • Locate, secure, and increase the Northern White Rhino species

    The evidence that Northern White Rhinos still exist in the wild is mounting. The South Sudan Trust will launch a formal search for these Rhino and if successfully located, ensure their safety and the continuation of this majestic species.

  • Provide urgent resources to the wildlife department

    Without essential resources, the wildlife department are not properly equipped to nurture and cultivate South Sudanese wildlife, this is a conservational jewel in the crown of Africa. South Sudan Trust want to provide resources that will help facilitate the safety and security of wildlife in the country’s many parks, creating long term sustainable solutions to ensure this natural resource is protected and propagated for future generations.

  • Enhance South Sudan’s community welfare

    The communities of people living on the fringes of national parks in South Sudan are in great need of improved welfare measures. The prosperity of the wildlife in these parks is their legacy and to ensure that they are able to protect the animals, they too must be protected. To create sustainable initiatives that align the interests of the communities along with the long-term welfare of the ecosystems that they all share.

  • Improve national parks’ infrastructure and planning

    Housing some of the most diverse wildlife populations on Earth, South Sudanese parks are a global wonder that we must defend and protect. South Sudan Trust will strengthen these parks to strengthen the wildlife living within them, preserving them for future generations to explore.

  • Build and promote the tourism industry in South Sudan

    South Sudan has an abundance to offer tourists around the globe. Their remarkable national parks are an ideal setting for travellers to experience enriching unique safaris. Tourism provides the communities of South Sudan with opportunities to prosper by positive means; discouraging poaching and engendering economic stability for conservation efforts. Protecting these pristine natural resources creates a legacy of truly unique opportunities; opportunities that as the world continues to grow, are now seldom found.


With most of our team dedicating the majority of their working lives to wildlife in one aspect or another, we have the best interests of the Northern White Rhino at heart, and we will do all in our power to secure their future.

Our team is an incredible fusion of conservational and local expertise. Combining a wealth of hands-on and academic knowledge, our strategists, security, directors, pilots, project managers, vets, and assisting government officials form an amalgamation of information that might be required to secure the success of this project.

South Sudan Trust would also like to thank the following people and organisations for their help and support: Annie Olivecrona, Craghoppers, TUSK, Robin Hurt, Lady Lori Helicopters and Afex River Camp Juba.


Job title/role:

Director of Wildlife


With 43 years’ experience in wildlife and conservation, Hon Lt. Gen. Alfred Akwock Omoli Yowin has an intimate knowledge of South Sudanese parks, experience of close co-ordination with IFAW, KWS and other internationally renowned conservation organisations, has supported the SPLM/SPLA, and commanded 3 battalions in the war of liberation since their inception. Having also attended and studied at various universities in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, his invaluable knowledge of conservation in South Sudan offers our search an incredible asset.

Job title/role:

Managing Director


With almost 20 years’ experience in South Sudan developing positive relationships with all of the senior political role players on both sides, Lynn Lury can ensure stability of this exciting project, irrespective of which political faction is governing the country. Alongside 30 years’ experience successfully managing and commanding people in remote locations on numerous projects under adverse conditions, she has also already invested 15 years into the inception and progression of this project.

Job title/role:



Paul, a successful businessman, has been involved in wildlife conservational charities and activities for over 15 years. He joined Saving the Survivors in 2017, becoming a board director. During this time his intimate involvement with the charity has incurred staggering positive achievements for endangered wildlife throughout Africa. In particular his dedication to protecting the legacy of poaching victims has seen him on the ground for countless conservation expeditions.

Job title/role:



Dr. Aldo Gwake Lazarus brings an incredible 40 years’ experience in wildlife care, research, and management to the team. Having been a qualified veterinarian for over 35 years and having had 23 years’ experience of management in the National Wildlife Service, he has a vast knowledge of localised fauna and flora, migratory patterns and habitat as well as the command of all National Wildlife Service forces within South Sudan.

Job title/role:



With 30 years’ experience in wildlife conservation, Maj. Gen. Khamis Adieng Ding Mejwok has worked as Parliamentary Liaison officer for the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Conservation, a spokesperson for the National Wildlife Service RSS, a member of the Steering Committee for MESA, a member for drafting The National Elephant Protection Action Plan (NEPAP), and as a part-time lecturer for the Police Academy. With his hands-on experience of remote operations and logistics in South Sudan and his experience with environmental academia, he brings a wealth of local conservation expertise to our team.

Job title/role:

Director of Animal Welfare


Dr Johan Marais founded endangered wildlife conservation charity, Saving the Survivors, in 2012. Qualifying as a veterinary surgeon nearly 30 years ago, he spent much of his career as an equine surgeon before moving onto working with his passion: tackling the poaching crisis in Africa. Since turning his focus onto conservation efforts, he has performed world-first operations and has revolutionised the way that poaching victims are treated.

Job title/role:

Security and Liaison Officer


James Mariere has 35 years of experience in the South Sudanese Military, 15 years of close liaison with civilian operations and multi-national organisations, and 15 years of liaison with the National Wildlife service countrywide. He is an active participant in the Civil Protection Monitoring Team and serves as a Personal Protection officer to designated personal. His extensive communications and logistics experience from operational Military service, combined with his detailed local construction and administrative knowledge, offer James Mariere all of the skills and expertise necessary to aid the search.

Job title/role:

Project Planner and Manager


Ian Games has 30 years’ extensive experience with protected area planning, resource inventories,GIS and mapping, cartography, biodiversity surveys, crocodile surveys/management and environmental assessments. His varied consulting career spanning a number of disciplines and countries has required working with a wide array of clients ranging from governments, NGOs, donor agencies, community organisations and the private sector. He has also attained a D.Phil.degree awarded for research into crocodile ecology in the Zambezi River (Zimbabwe and Mozambique). His professional and academic wildlife and conservation expertise will aid in many aspects of our search.

Job title/role:

Pilot and Project Manager


Having trained as a helicopter pilot in the South African Air Force, Craig Mitchell then entered the commercial market, involving himself in wildlife, mineral exploration, and numerous other aspects of helicopter type operations, both remote and challenging. He has spent over 10,000 hours flying, of which more than half has been dedicated to wildlife management and translocation. His intimate knowledge of animal behaviour and keen sense of observation offer an incredible fusion of flight and wildlife expertise.

Job title/role:

Project Manager


Carrie MacDonald has a background of numerous high-profile management positions varying from managing world class wildlife retreats for discerning clients to multi-million dollar construction projects in inhospitable locations where most people fear to tread. She has an excellent comprehension of navigating the complicated ethnic and tribal intricacies that are synonymous with South Sudan, a skill she has woven into her work assisting the local communities in capacity building, leadership qualities and skills development. She has always taken care to improve and encourage infrastructure development to both the benefit of local communities and wildlife.

Paul Naden, CEO of South Sudan Trust, explains the reasons why himself and a team of committed conservationists have decided to search for the Northern White Rhino and how you can be a part of the story, too.

Other ways you can help

Sharing the news about our search on social media will help the story of the Northern White Rhino appear before the eyes of more people who might be able to help. Let your friends know that this species might still have a chance and that we won’t leave any stones unturned.